5 Great automatic cars to lease

13/10/2021 | Steve Lumley

5 Great automatic cars to lease

Ever-growing numbers of drivers are opting for automatic cars to lease to deal with traffic congestion - and the more comfortable driving experience these gearboxes bring.

In addition, growing numbers of manufacturers are also introducing automatic-only models, especially if they are hybrids so the car will change seamlessly from battery power to a combustion engine.

Despite this, most models will have an automatic transmission option and while these may cost more and deliver slightly lower fuel consumption figures, they are certainly worth considering for those who undertake long car journeys or have a busy commute with lots of stopping and starting.

And don't forget that electric cars don't have gears, they simply have a drive, reverse and park function.

When it comes to personal contract hire (PCH), there's a wide range of choice available for leasing an automatic car, ranging from city cars to SUVs.

When leasing an automatic car, you will be offered the same terms as for a car with a manual gearbox, with an agreed mileage, a monthly payment and a rental term.

Here, the Tilsun Leasing team look at five great automatic cars to lease cheaply that we believe are worth considering.


Lease the automatic BMW 3 Series

First up is the latest version of the excellent BMW 3 Series to lease with an excellent eight-speed automatic transmission.

The gearbox delivers a serene driving experience, which really does underpin BMW's slogan of this car being the 'Ultimate driving machine'.

If you've driven an automatic car before and thought that the gear changing was ponderous, then in the 3 Series the changes are very quick and there's a driving mode to select a sportier setup that stiffens the suspension and delivers better gearbox performance.

Also, the hybrid version of the 3 Series offers an all-electric range of around 30 miles, and it makes a sound choice for those looking for a low Benefit-in-Kind (BiK) tax rate when leasing a car.


Lease the Mini 5-door auto

The Mini five-door is an excellent choice as an automatic car lease.

There's more practicality with five doors than for the three-door sibling but it still has the popular retro look.

Drivers get a new dual-clutch DCT seven-speed automatic transmission that does not take away from the Mini's go-cart handling but highlights the car’s agility.

This is one of the best handling cars in the segment, and for the model with the automatic transmission, it is coupled with the turbocharged 1.5-litre petrol engine with power outputs from 101 bhp to 134 bhp and it really does take some beating.

Unless that is, you are sitting in the Cooper S with an automatic transmission and the 2.0-litre engine delivering 176 bhp.


The Toyota Prius automatic car lease

The Toyota Prius is an excellent automatic hybrid and drivers get a CVT, or continuously variable transmission, to deliver the power.

This is a petrol-electric hybrid, and it delivers lots of comfort.

Along with battery power, the Prius offers fuel consumption of around 70 mpg which compares well with rivals.

This is an unconventional-looking family car but it's a spacious and well-made offering with a refined ride.

As an automatic, there's a lot to recommend it with the system switching seamlessly between petrol and battery power.


Lease the Ford Fiesta automatic

The latest Ford Fiesta lease is not only an impressive and well-designed car, when combined with an automatic transmission it's a real delight to enjoy.

There's a lot of comfort and space onboard and with its low running costs and practical approach, there's a lot to like about the Fiesta.

Mind you, there's a good reason why the Ford Fiesta has been topping the UK's bestseller charts for years and that's down to the excellent grip and handling.

In the automatic guise, the Ford Fiesta with the 1.0-litre petrol engine producing 123 bhp is your only choice - but it's a cracker.

This is also a well-equipped car that is available at a good price which means checking out the Fiesta's personal contract hire deals with Tilsun.


Lease the SEAT Ateca automatic

We mentioned at the beginning of this article, that automatics are growing in popularity - as are SUVs.

These crossovers offer a practical and comfortable car to drive and, in the SEAT Ateca automatic, it's a value for money offering.

With such a wide range of automatic SUVs currently available, what is it about the Ateca that appeals to the Tilsun Leasing team?

Firstly, apart from the value for money, there's an excellent 2.0-litre diesel unit producing 148 bhp and it comes with a DSG dual-clutch automatic transmission.

That means that in everyday use, the automatic gearbox will deal adequately with the driver's needs, and with paddles on the steering wheel, the driver can become more involved in the drive whenever they need to.

The gear shifting is seamless and it's a fast car from a standing start.

Fuel consumption is around 50 mpg and the SEAT Ateca automatic is a well-made and well-designed SUV to consider.


Leasing an automatic car

For help and advice when it comes to leasing an automatic car, call the Tilsun Leasing team on 03330 040 888.

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