PORSCHE PANAMERA HATCHBACK 2.9 V6 4 E-Hybrid [5 seats] 5dr PDK


FuelPetrol/PlugIn Elec Hybrid




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EC Combined (mpg)

EC Combined-


Bu Jonathan Crouch


Named after the Carrera Panamerican road race, Porsche's Panamera is the brand's offering to Luxury segment buyers wanting spacious rear seat accommodation and a properly sporting Gran Turismo driving experience. This model could have ended up being a four-door version of the company's 911 coupe or a low-slung interpretation of the marque's Cayenne luxury SUV. In the event, it proved to be very much its own car, a long, low five-door hatch that offers something very different in its sector. In this second generation '971'-series guise, it proved to be smarter, faster, more efficient and impressively advanced and here, we look at the 2017-2020-era pre-facelifted versions of this design. For boardroom buyers who yearn for Brands Hatch, they promise to offer a tempting proposition.


5dr 2.9 & 3.0 V6 / 4.0 V8 [petrol] / 4.0 V8 [diesel] [Hatch, Executive, Sport Turismo]


To understand this car, you have to understand the way that Porsche sees it. This contender may be priced against Mercedes S-Class-style Luxury saloons, but ever since the MK1 '970'-series model's original launch back in 2010, its role in life has been styled to be subtly different. The brand sees the Panamera as a 'Gran Turismo', the kind of car that allows two rear seat passengers to recline in comfort while the driver enjoys himself. Forget Audi A8s and Jaguar XJs. Think instead. Maserati Quattroporte or even Aston Martin Rapide. In other words, a four-door luxury conveyance to really get the pulses racing. This car won't be chauffeur-driven. It shouldn't be anyway. It would, after all, be such a shame to ignore all of this Panamera's dynamic attributes and merely treat it as a limo. Porsche did though, made that option more of a credible possibility with this MK2 design (launched in 2017) by offering buyers an extra 'Executive' bodystyle with a lengthier wheelbase that provided prodigious rear cabin space. Platform variations like that were easier for the brand to deliver thanks to the flexibility of this second generation design's all-new MSB chassis, also shared with the MK2 model Bentley Continental GT. There was also a third bodystyle option too, the 'Sport Turismo', a kind of 'Shooting Brake'-style sports estate that offers a little extra carriage space and the option of taking a third person in the rear. Whatever kind of Panamera you choose, you'll get a car that in its evolution to MK2 form was changed far more fundamentally than the lightly evolved looks might suggest. All of the second generation model's engines were re-designed and three of them were completely new - a couple of 4.0-litre V8s for petrol and diesel buyers, plus a 2.9-litre V6 petrol unit. There was also a new 8-speed PDK auto gearbox, a body structure with even more lightweight aluminium, a vast improvement in media connectivity and a completely re-designed interior that claimed to set fresh class standards. Just after this second generation model line-up's launch in late 2016, green-minded buyers were also offered the option of even more effective 'E-Hybrid' plug-in power too. The diesel engine was discontinued in 2018. This '971'-series Panamera was significantly updated in the Autumn of 2020, but it's the 2017-2020 pre-facelift versions of the car we look at here.

What You Get

Shut your eyes, picture what a four-door Porsche 911 sports coupe might be like and you won't be a million miles away from the reality of this Panamera. The original '970'-series MK1 version of this car set out to deliver on that brief too, but never quite managed it, sleek from some angles but distinctly awkward from others. Everyone seems to be agreed that this second generation '971'-series model is a much more stylish piece of work, thanks to its longer wheelbase and lowered rear roofline. Take a seat inside and you get low-set sportscar positioning, while the tall centre console that runs down the middle of the cabin hems you comfortably in, fighter aircraft cockpit-style. Around the gearstick the fiddly little buttons that previously decorated the centre console were on this MK2 model replaced by a shiny black panel that comes to life with touch-sensitive controls once you fire the ignition. Just above lies the other defining feature of this cabin, the huge 12.3-inch colour touchscreen controlling the standard 'Porsche Communication Management' infotainment system. More screens are found in the instrument binnacle either side of the prominent rev counter gauge. All of it's configurable to your personal preferences as part of one of the most sophisticated cabins you'll find anywhere in this segment from this era. What about the back seat? Settle in here and immediately, you feel a bit more special that you would in rival models thanks to the two individual sports seats that replace the usual bench. Another advantage to this layout is the way that it allows space for a big centre console optionally incorporating a 4.6-inch colour infotainment touchscreen similar to the one provided on the dash. If you've found one of the very rare long wheelbase 'Executive' models, then 150mm of extra body length will allow board-level buyers to really stretch out. Wealthy families meanwhile, could also consider this car, courtesy of the way that the 'Sport Turismo' shooting brake estate variant incorporates a small '2+1' centre rear seat that could be used for a child. With everything flat, a massive 1,340-litres of space is available in most standard variants.

What You Pay

We'll quote prices for the hatch variant; the Sport Turismo estate model is worth around £2,500 more. The super-rare long wheelbase 'Executive' body shape is worth about £10,000 more than the standard hatch. Anyway, sticking to the standard hatch, the 2.9-litre E-Hybrid PHEV variant prices from around £62,000 on a '17-plate, with values rising to around £68,250 for a typical '18-plate car. Most PHEV MK2 Panameras will cost more than that; a 4 E-Hybrid on a '19-plate values at around £81,000, with values rising to around £88,000 for the last of the pre-facelifted models. A 2.9-litre Panamera 4S starts from around £72,000 on a '17-plate, with values rising to around £90,000 for an early '20-plate car. Prices for the rare 4.0-litre V8 diesel start at around £63,000 for a '17-plate car, rising to around £78,500 for a later '19-plate model. If you yearn for the 4.0-litre GTS V8 petrol variant, prices start from around £90,000 on a '19-plate, rising to around £97,750 for the last of the pre-facelifted cars. If you want the V8 Panamera Turbo, prices start from around £97,750 on a '19-plate, rising to around £105,750 for the last of the pre-facelifted cars.

What to Look For

The usual Panamera issues to look for hold true here. We've heard reports of malfunctioning for the automatically operating rear spoiler (stuck or lopsided). And occasionally, you come across various issues with the 'PCM' 'Porsche Communications Management' centre-dash infotainment screen. Some report warning lights advertising 'PASM' chassis system faults. One owner reported overheating at idle. And in some cases, the air conditioning system has been known to blow warm air. Otherwise, it's just the usual stuff. Check the bodywork carefully for dents and scrapes as these will be expensive to repair; the same for the alloy wheels. And obviously, insist on a fully stamped-up service history. Shortly after the start of production for this '971'-series model, Porsche recalled 197 Panameras over concerns that the connecting links on the rear axle anti-roll bar might fail over the life of the vehicle. This would lead to excessive noise and an activated yellow warning light. Check that remedial work, if necessary on the example you have in mind, has been carried out.

Replacement Parts

(approx based on a 2018 Panamera E-Hybrid - Ex Vat) Porsche parts aren't particularly cheap - but you'll be expecting that. To give you some examples, front and rear brake pads both cost in the £165 bracket. Rear brake discs cost in the £220 bracket . A wiper blade can be quite cheap though - around £5-£10.

On the Road

Really clever engineering can defy the laws of physics. If you want proof, here it is in the metal. The original '970'-series Panamera handled quite impressively for a model of this kind, but this second generation '971'-series version is far closer to the kind of car Porsche always wanted to make in this segment. Thanks to fantastic steering and an astonishing lack of body roll on fast, flowing roads, this two-tonne, four-seat Luxury segment contender feels almost as agile as a Porsche 911. Or at least it does when specified with all of the brand's expensive dynamic drive technology. There's a lot of it - adaptive anti-roll bars, 'PTV' torque vectoring and a rear-axle steering system are amongst the highlights. 'PASM' adaptive damping is standard, but most original Panamera customers embellished it with the optional air suspension set-up. That's one option that's pretty important to have on this car; another is the 'Sport Chrono' package that gives you F1-style Launch Control and a 'Drive Mode' system that allows you to alter throttle response, steering feel, stability control thresholds and the reactions of the 8-speed PDK auto gearbox that was standard-fit across the range. Plus the 'Sport Chrono' package gives you a 'Sport Response' button that helps with a burst of acceleration when you need it. All the engines on offer are well capable of providing that. Only the entry-level 3.0-litre V6 petrol and diesel units were offered in rear-driven form - the base petrol model puts out 330bhp and from new could be specified with 4x4 traction as an option. All other MK2-era Panameras featured 4WD and featured the three fresh biturbo engines introduced into this second generation line-up. There were two fresh petrol units, the 440bhp 2.9-litre V6 used in the 'Panamera 4S' and the 550bhp 4.0-litre V8 used in the 'Panamera Turbo'. Both also made an appearance in the petrol/electric 'E-Hybrid plug-in variants. The other fresh powerplant was the 422bhp 4.0-litre V8 Diesel used in the 'Panamera 4S Diesel' model, a searingly quick variant that was also capable of up to 42.2mpg on the combined cycle and as much as 176g/km of CO2 (both NEDC figures). This black pump-fuelled MK2 Panamera is a rare find though, because diesel engines were banished from the entire Porsche line-up in 2018.


The market has always offered very fast, very luxurious full-sized Luxury saloons. Rarely though, have they been very rewarding to drive. The Panamera has always been different, very much in a class of its own for boardroom buyers who don't spend all their lives wafting up and down autobahns. In its original form, it was so nearly a truly great car. So nearly the impressively complete contender this second generation '971'-series model is. In summary, if you still enjoy driving and like the way that this contender looks, you'll love the way it rewards you at the wheel. The Panamera's unconventional. It's unique. But best of all, it's a proper Porsche.

  • Heated rear window with auto timer
  • Remote window closing
  • Electric front and rear windows + anti trap + one touch
  • Water repellent glass in front side windows
  • 2 speed front wipers + intermittent wipe
  • Windscreen washer system including rain sensor

  • Continuously adjustable door brake
  • Four piston aluminium monobloc fixed brake calipers at rear, internally vented and slotted brake discs
  • 6-piston aluminium monobloc fixed caliper brakes at front, internally vented and slotted brake discs
  • Porsche traction management (PTM) with AWD, map controlled multi-plate clutch, automatic brake differential (ABD) and anti-slip regulation (ASR)
  • Brake discs with diameter 390 mm at front, 365 mm at rear
  • Electronic parking brake
  • Anti-lock braking system (ABS)

  • Double wishbone front axle
  • Multi link rear axle
  • Porsche stability management (PSM)
  • 4D Integrated chassis control

  • Mobile telephone preparation
  • Voice control system

  • Automatic tailgate operation
  • Auto start/stop function and coasting

  • Ambient temperature display
  • Trip computer
  • Service interval indicator
  • Instrument cluster with two high-resolution displays
  • Brake pad wear sensors front and rear

  • Auto dimming exterior mirrors
  • Automatic dimming rear view mirror
  • Electrically adjustable, folding and heatable exterior mirrors with aspherical on driver's side

  • Power cable for household outlet
  • Power cable for 3 pin industrial blue outlet 32A/230V
  • 2.5m length cable as connection between operating unit and the vehicle
  • Vehicle charging port, rear left to charge the high voltage battery
  • VarioCam Plus
  • Water cooled with thermal management
  • Porsche universal charger including transport bag, 2 power cables and wall mount base
  • 80 litre fuel tank
  • Gasoline particulate filter

  • DAB Digital radio
  • Connect Plus with Apple CarPlay, wireless internet access, Carfinder, Remote Vehicle Status and Remote Services
  • Integrated 4G/LTE compatible SIM including data for the Porsche Connect Services

  • Aluminium bonnet with tailgate,door and front wings
  • Two way adaptive rear spoiler in exterior colour
  • Rear diffuser
  • Aluminium roof rails
  • Door sill guards in brushed aluminium with model designation at front
  • E-hybrid logo on both front doors in high gloss silver with acid green surround
  • Fully galvanised steel/aluminium hybrid lightweight bodyshell
  • Porsche logo and model designation on rear hatch in high-gloss silver and model designation with acid green surround

  • Headlight wash system
  • LED daytime running lights
  • Front light modules with LED position lights and direction indicators
  • Automatic headlight activation including welcome home lighting

  • Air quality sensor
  • Pollen/active carbon filters
  • Active cooling flap control
  • Charge air cooling
  • Parking pre climatisation

  • 12v plug sockets in the front centre console storage compartment
  • Glove compartment, front and rear door storage compartments, storage bin in centre console, small storage compartment in centre console
  • Manual fore/aft and height adjustment steering wheel
  • Two integrated cup holders in rear compartment
  • 12V socket in luggage compartment
  • 12V socket in glovebox
  • Storage net in luggage compartment
  • Rear centre console
  • Front centre armrest with storage compartment
  • Front centre armrest with cupholder

  • Courtesy lights on mirrors

  • Interior lighting pack - Panamera
  • Storage Pack

  • Tyre pressure monitoring system
  • Driver/front passenger side airbags
  • Passenger airbag deactivation warning
  • Passenger knee airbag
  • 3 point front/outer rear seatbelts + pre-tensioners + force limiters on front seats
  • Height adjustable front seatbelts
  • Full size driver and passenger airbags
  • Porsche side impact protection system (POSIP) includes side impact protection in doors, thorax airbags integrated into the side bolster of front seat
  • Curtain airbags along entire roof frame and side windows from the A pillar to the C pillar left and right
  • Active bonnet
  • Driver and front passenger knee airbag
  • 3x3 point rear seat belts

  • Isofix child seat mounting points on outer rear seats
  • 40/20/40 individual folding backrests, folding rear seats centre armrest, remote release luggage compartment + manual release passenger compartment
  • 4+1 seats, rear compartment with full-size individual seat design, outside left and right, one centre seat
  • Integrated front and rear headrests

  • Engine immobiliser with remote central locking and alarm system with radar based interior surveillance
  • Keyless drive

  • 8 Speed Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK)

  • Driver and passenger illuminated vanity mirror

  • Tyre sealing compound and electric air compressor kit

  • Battery Charge Slow Time (Minutes): 240
  • Battery Charge Slow kW: 3.6
  • Battery Charge Slow Percentage: 0-100
  • Battery Charge Fast Time (Minutes): 144
  • Battery Charge Fast kW: 7.2
  • Battery Charge Fast Percentage: 0-100
  • Battery Charge Rapid Time (Minutes): N
  • Battery Charge Rapid kW: N
  • Battery Charge Rapid Percentage: N
  • Battery Charge Super Charge Time (Minutes): N
  • Battery Charge Super Charge kW: N
  • Battery Charge Super Charge Percentage: N
  • Coupler/Connector Type: Type 2
  • Standard manufacturers Battery warranty - Years: 6
  • Standard manufacturers Battery warranty - Mileage: 75000
  • Battery Capacity in kWh: 14
  • NEDC Electricity Consumption kWh/100 km: 15.9
  • NEDC Maximum EV Range Miles: 31
  • Battery Leased: False
  • Battery Type: Lithium-ion
  • WLTP - EC (kWh/100km) - Comb: 21
  • WLTP - EC (kWh/100km) - Comb - Min: 21
  • WLTP - EC (kWh/100km) - Comb - Max: 21.7
  • WLTP - Equivalent AER (km) - Comb - Min: 43
  • WLTP - Equivalent AER (km) - Comb - Max: 35
  • WLTP - EC (miles/kWh) - Comb: 3
  • WLTP - EC (miles/kWh) - Comb - Max: 2.9
  • WLTP - EC (miles/kWh) - Comb - Min: 3
  • WLTP - Equivalent AER (miles) - Comb - Max: 22
  • WLTP - Equivalent AER (miles) - Comb - Min: 27

  • CO2 (g/km): 60
  • Standard Euro Emissions: EURO 6

  • WLTP - CO2 Weighted (g/km) - Comb: 74
  • WLTP - CO2 Weighted (g/km) - Comb - Min: 74
  • WLTP - CO2 Weighted (g/km) - Comb - Max: 81

  • Cylinders - Bore (mm): 84.5
  • Cylinders - Stroke (mm): 86
  • CC: 2894
  • Cylinders: 6
  • Cylinder Layout: V6
  • Number of Valves: 24
  • Camshaft: QUAD CAM
  • Fuel Delivery: TWIN TURBO
  • Catalytic Convertor: True
  • Engine Layout: FRONT TRANSVERSE
  • Compression Ratio: 10.5:1
  • Transmission: SEMI-AUTO
  • Gears: 8 SPEED

  • EC Directive 1999/100/EC Applies: True

  • WLTP - FC Weighted (l/100km) - Comb: 3.3
  • WLTP - FC Weighted (l/100km) - Comb - Min: 3.3
  • WLTP - FC Weighted (l/100km) - Comb - Max: 3.6
  • WLTP - FC Weighted (mpg) - Comb: 85.6
  • WLTP - FC Weighted (mpg) - Comb - Min: 85.6
  • WLTP - FC Weighted (mpg) - Comb - Max: 78.5

  • Special Edition: False
  • Special Order: False
  • Based On ID: N
  • Insurance Group 1 - 50 Effective January 07: 50E
  • NCAP Adult Occupant Protection %: N
  • NCAP Child Occupant Protection %: N
  • NCAP Pedestrian Protection %: N
  • NCAP Safety Assist %: N
  • NCAP Overall Rating - Effective February 09: N
  • Badge Power: 462
  • Badge Engine CC: 2.9
  • Vehicle Homologation Class: M1
  • Coin Series: 4 [5 Seats]
  • Coin Description: V6 E-Hybrid
  • Did at least one aspect of this vehicle's safety give cause for concern?: False
  • Generation Mark: 1
  • Alternative Fuel Qualifying: True

  • Engine Torque - MKG: 71.4
  • Engine Power - BHP: 462
  • Engine Power - PS: True
  • 0 to 60 mph (secs): False
  • Engine Power - KW: 340
  • Engine Power - RPM: 5250
  • Engine Torque - LBS.FT: 516
  • Engine Torque - NM: 700
  • Engine Torque - RPM: 1750

  • Emissions Test Cycle: WLTP

  • Tyre Size Rear: 295/40 R19
  • Tyre Size Spare: TYRE REPAIR KIT
  • Wheel Type: 19" ALLOY
  • Tyre Size Front: 265/45 R19
  • Alloys?: True
  • Space Saver?: False
  • Wheel Style: N

  • Width (including mirrors): 2165
  • Height: 1423
  • Height (including roof rails): N
  • Wheelbase: 2950
  • Length: 5049
  • Width: 1937

  • Luggage Capacity (Seats Up): 405
  • No. of Seats: 5
  • Fuel Tank Capacity (Litres): 80

  • Rear wiper: £260
  • Privacy glass: £411
  • Thermally and noise insulating glass: £1,001
  • Thermally and noise insulating glass with privacy glass: £1,412
  • Tinted and thermally insulated glass all round with grey top tint on windscreen: Included

  • Deletion of acid green finish brake calipers: £0
  • Porsche ceramic composite brake (PCCB) with yellow calipers: £6,707
  • Porsche ceramic composite brake (PCCB) with acid green calipers: £6,707

  • Personalised floor mats with leather edging: £303
  • Floor mats: Included
  • Leather edging personalised carbon floor mats: £644
  • Personalised floor mats with leather edging in deep pile: £384

  • Reversing camera with ParkAssist: £509
  • Night view assist: £1,751
  • Adaptive cruise control: £1,787
  • Cruise control: Included
  • Lane change assistant: £617
  • Power steering plus: £197
  • Front and rear park assist with reversing camera + surround view: £1,062
  • Lane keep assist include speed limit indicator: £795
  • Porsche innodrive including Adaptive cruise control: £2,438
  • Front and rear park assist with visual and audible warning: Included

  • Homelink (programmable garage door opener): £215

  • Head up Display: £1,098
  • Rev counter instrumental dial in bordeaux red: £260
  • Rev counter instrumental dial in luxor beige: £260
  • Rev counter instrumental dial in white: £260
  • Central analogue rev counter with black dial face, power meter and needles in acid green: Included

  • Painted exterior mirrors in exterior colour: £335
  • High gloss black door mirrors: £335

  • White sport chrono stop clock instrument dial: £260
  • Bordeaux red sport chrono stop clock instrument dial: £260
  • Air vent slats painted: £1,092
  • Porsche crest logo on centre console armrest: £174
  • Air vent slats in leather: £1,173
  • Luxor beige sport chrono stop clock instrument dial: £260
  • Model logo embossed on centre console armrests: £522

  • 3.6 kw On-board charger: Included
  • 7.2 kw On board Charger: £536

  • Burmester high end 3D surround sound system: £5,063
  • 6 CD/DVD autochanger: £357
  • Hi-Fi sound system with 10 speakers: Included
  • Porsche rear seat entertainment: £2,349
  • USB interface in rear: £242
  • Rear seat entertainment preparation: £260
  • BOSE sound system with 14 speakers: £1,062
  • Two USB charge ports in rear compartment: Included

  • Painted air outlet trims: £348
  • High gloss black painted Porsche logo: £197
  • Two tailpipes left and right in brushed stainless steel: Included
  • High gloss black air outlets in front wings: Included
  • Illuminated brushed aluminium door sill guards in conjunction with inner door sill guards in leather: £567
  • Painted air intake grilles: £639
  • Painted door handle inlays: £90
  • Sports exhaust system in black: £2,537
  • High gloss black door handles: £179
  • Illuminated black brushed aluminium personalised door sill guards: £1,578
  • Model designation deletion - steering number: £0
  • Model designation on doors in aurum: £141
  • Model designation on doors in black: £141
  • Model designation on doors in red: £141
  • Model designation on doors in silver colour: £141
  • Black side window trim: Included
  • Painted model designation: £162
  • Panoramic sunroof: £1,581
  • Preparation for illuminated door sill guards: £0
  • Metallic paint: £929
  • Special paint: £2,921
  • Sports exhaust system: £2,313
  • Sports tailpipe: £617
  • Solid paint: Included
  • Model designation deletion: £0
  • Illuminated paldao door sill guards: £890
  • High gloss black side window trims: £260
  • Aluminium side window trim: £260
  • Air intake grilles in high gloss black: £639
  • Side skirts in sport design: £795
  • Black sports tailpipes: £617
  • Brushed aluminium door sill guards: Included
  • Illuminated brushed aluminium personalised door sill guards: £1,578
  • Illuminated brushed aluminium door sill guards: £626

  • LED main headlights with matrix beam including Porsche Dynamic Light System Plus (PDLS Plus): £1,509
  • LED headlights including Porsche dynamic light system (PDLS): £714
  • LED Headlights: Included
  • Tinted LED tail lights including light strip: £626
  • Three dimensional LED tail lights with integral 4 point brake lights and lighting strip: Included
  • LED main headlights in black with matrix beam including Porsche Dynamic Light System Plus (PDLS Plus): £1,880

  • Four zone automatic climate control: £965
  • Four zone automatic climate control when bought with 8 way electric rear seats with memory package: £1,152
  • Four zone automatic climate control when bought with 8 way electric rear seats with memory package in conjunction with adaptive sports seats: £1,152
  • Two zone climate control with separate temperature settings for driver/front passenger, automatic air recirculation mode including air quality sensor: Included
  • Air Ioniser: £215

  • Carbon door sill guards: £536
  • Illuminated matt carbon personalised door sill guards: £1,902
  • Illuminated carbon door sill guards: £849
  • Personalised reversible loadspace mat with leather edging including sill protector: £158
  • Rear axle steering including power steering plus: £1,536
  • 3 spoke heated sport multifunction steering wheel with sweetgum trim: £531
  • Electric roll-up sunblind behind rear compartment: £375
  • Electric roll-up sunblind on rear doors: £581
  • Club leather upholstery: £3,987
  • Painted car key and Leather key pouch: £251
  • Front cupholder cover: £0
  • 3 spoke heated sport multifunction steering wheel with birch anthracite trim: £531
  • 3 spoke heated sport multifunction steering wheel with paldao trim: £531
  • 3 spoke heated sport multifunction steering wheel with dark walnut trim: £531
  • 3 spoke heated sport multifunction steering wheel with carbon trim: £531
  • Two tone part leather upholstery: £269
  • Electric roll-up sunblind behind rear compartment with rear side windows: £956
  • Leather covered fixed luggage compartment cover: £396
  • Leather steering column casing and instrument cluster: £608
  • Inner door sill guards in leather: £1,368
  • Soft close doors: £527
  • Alcantara roof lining: £1,500
  • Retractable luggage cover: Included
  • Ski bag: £278
  • Heated steering wheel: £201
  • Carbon door sill guards in conjunction with inner door sill guards in leather: £486
  • Illuminated black brushed aluminium door sill guards: £1,193
  • Alcantra leather covered fixed luggage compartment cover: £396
  • 3 spoke multifunction steering wheel with shift paddles and rim in smooth leather: Included
  • 3 spoke heated multifunction GT sports steering wheel with rim in alcantara: £326
  • Exclusive design gear selector: £617
  • Illuminated carbon door sill guards in conjunction with inner door sill guards in leather: £770
  • Smooth finish leather upholstery: £2,670
  • Fixed luggage compartment cover: £116
  • Loadspace management system: £393
  • Porsche smooth finish two-tone leather upholstery: £3,206
  • Partial leather upholstery: Included
  • Leather vehicle key with key pouch: £320
  • Alcantara vehicle key painted with key pouch: £251
  • Roof lining grab handles in alcantara: £527
  • Roof lining grab handles in leather: £527

  • Ambient lighting: £317
  • Ambient lighting include interior lighting pack for rear compartment: £581

  • Paldao wood interior pack - Panamera: £1,509
  • Sport design pack in high gloss black - Panamera: £3,741
  • Dark walnut wood interior pack - Panamera: £581
  • Sweetgum wood interior pack - Panamera: £581
  • Birch anthracite interior pack - Panamera: £581
  • Carbon interior pack - Panamera: £1,224
  • Brushed aluminium interior pack - Panamera: £581
  • High-gloss black interior pack - Panamera: Included
  • Leather interior pack - Panamera: £1,419
  • Painted interior package - Panamera: £1,331
  • SportDesign pack - Panamera: £3,483
  • Smokers pack: £41
  • Brushed aluminium interior pack in black - Panamera: £581
  • Extended dashboard trim pack in leather - Panamera: £720
  • Leather interior package in contrasting interior colour - Panamera: £1,287
  • Interior trim package with decorative stitching and seat centres in leather in contrasting colour - Panamera: £3,392
  • Interior trim package with decorative stitching in contrasting colour - Panamera: £2,501
  • Painted interior package in contrasting exterior colour - Panamera: £1,206
  • Driver memory package - Panamera: £273

  • Porsche metallic - Gentian blue: £929
  • Porsche metallic - Dolomite silver: £929
  • Porsche metallic - Mamba green: £929
  • Porsche metallic - Jet Black: £929
  • Porsche metallic - Mahogany: £929
  • Porsche metallic - Carrara white: £929
  • Porsche metallic - Volcano Grey: £929
  • Porsche metallic - Night Blue: £929
  • Porsche metallic - Burgundy red: £929
  • Porsche metallic - Ristretto brown: £929

  • Porsche solid - White: £0
  • Porsche solid - Black: £0

  • Porsche special metallic - Amethyst: £2,921
  • Porsche special metallic - GT Silver: £2,921
  • Porsche special metallic - Crayon: £2,921
  • Porsche special metallic - Carmine red: £2,921
  • Porsche special metallic - Papaya: £2,921

  • Seatbelts in Bordeaux Red: £366
  • Seatbelts in Crayon: £366
  • Fire extinguisher: £143
  • Rear side airbags: £308

  • Front and rear seat heating: £366
  • Massage function for front seats: £786
  • Massage and ventilation function for front seats: £1,581
  • Massage and ventilation function for front and outer rear seats: £3,161
  • Front seat ventilation: £795
  • Front and rear seat ventilation: £1,590
  • Smooth leather front seat console in interior colour: £801
  • Smooth leather front/rear seat console in interior colour: £1,044
  • Leather seat centre in contrasting colour: £971
  • 8 way electric rear seats with memory package in conjunction with Adaptive sports seats: £1,545
  • Massage function for front seats and seat ventilation for front and rear seats: £2,375
  • 8 way electric rear seats with memory package: £1,545
  • 8 way electric rear seats with memory package + Massage function: £1,733
  • 18 way electric adaptive front sport seats memory pack: £2,447
  • 14 way electric front seats with memory package, electric seat length adjustment, 4 way front lumbar support and electric adjustment steering column: £1,394
  • 8 way electric front comfort seats with electric seat height adjustment, squab and backrest angle and fore/aft position: Included
  • ISOFIX child seat mounting points on front passenger seat: £134
  • Porsche crest embossed in front and outer rear seats headrests: £339
  • Front seat heating: Included
  • 8 way electric rear seats with memory package when bought with front and rear seat ventilation: £1,733

  • Comfort access system: £822

  • Porsche smooth finish leather - Black: £2,670
  • Porsche smooth finish leather - Agate grey: £2,670
  • Porsche smooth finish leather - Saddle brown: £2,670
  • Club leather - Truffle brown: £3,987
  • Club leather - Cohiba brown: £3,987
  • Porsche smooth finish two-tone leather - Black/Bordeaux red: £3,206
  • Porsche smooth finish two-tone leather - Black/Saddle brown: £3,206
  • Porsche smooth finish two-tone leather - Saddle brown/Luxor beige: £3,206
  • Porsche smooth finish leather - Marsala: £2,670
  • Porsche smooth finish two-tone leather - Black/crayon: £3,206
  • Porsche smooth finish two-tone leather - Black/luxor beige: £3,206
  • Porsche smooth finish two-tone leather - Marsale/cream: £3,206

  • Part leather - Agate grey: £0
  • Two tone part leather - Black/luxor beige: £269
  • Part leather - Black: £0

  • Wheel centres with full colour Porsche crest: £120

  • 21" 911 Turbo design alloy wheels: £3,269
  • 21" Panamera exclusive design alloy wheels painted in high gloss black: £3,746
  • 21" Panamera exclusive design alloy wheels painted in metallic jet black: £3,746
  • 21" Panamera exclusive design alloy wheels painted in satin platinum: £3,746
  • 21" Panamera exclusive design alloy wheels painted in platinum silver: £2,853
  • 21" Panamera exclusive design alloy wheels with exterior paint finish: £3,746
  • 21" Panamera sport design design alloy wheels: £2,465
  • 20" Panamera design alloy wheels: £1,482
  • 19" Panamera alloy wheels: Included
  • 20" Panamera turbo alloy wheels: £1,215
  • 21" Panamera sport design alloy wheels with exterior paint finish: £3,479
  • 21" Panamera sport design alloy wheels painted in high gloss black: £3,479
  • 21" Panamera sport design alloy wheels painted in metallic jet black: £3,479
  • 21" Panamera sport design alloy wheels painted in satin platinum: £3,479

Whilst every effort is made to verify and ensure the accuracy of the data, the information should only be used as a guide and no purchasing decision should be made without verification of the data from either the manufacturer or franchised dealer. Our offers may be on a different model year to that represented by this data and so specification may differ accordingly.

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