PORSCHE TAYCAN SALOON 420kW 4S 93kWh 4dr Auto [5 Seat]






0 - 62 mph4s

EC Combined (mpg)

EC Combined-

What might the Porsche of full-electric performance cars be like? In this Taycan Sports Saloon, we have our answer. It's more powerful and faster than any other EV yet made. As you might expect, it sets a fresh handling benchmark for what a performance EV can be. And its race-derived tech delivers an 800-volt power supply system that allows it to charge much quicker. Taycan pricing is exclusive of course. But if you're looking for the electrified state-of-the-art, you'll find it right here.


The Taycan's heart is electric: its soul though, is very much that of a Porsche. Jonathan Crouch takes a look.

Ten Second Review

What might the Porsche of full-electric performance cars be like? In this Taycan Sports Saloon, we have our answer. It's more powerful and faster than any other EV yet made. As you might expect, it sets a fresh handling benchmark for what a performance EV can be. And its race-derived tech delivers an 800-volt power supply system that allows it to charge much quicker. Taycan pricing is exclusive of course. But if you're looking for the electrified state-of-the-art, you'll find it right here.


Fully electric performance cars are all much the same right? They all give you a great big heavy battery, a couple of electric motors and enough pulling power to tear up the tarmac. Oh yes and they all feel terrible the first time you throw one into a corner. For a long time now, Porsche has been mulling over how to deliver something better. Its first thoughts on the subject were delivered by the Mission E concept, a futuristic design study that did the motor show rounds back in 2015. It showcased class-leading recharging times, astonishing electrified charging tech and the world's most slippery EV model shape. And it was closer to sales reality than most realised, its production-ready counterpart, this model, the Taycan Sports Saloon, launched in early 2020.

Driving Experience

There aren't many cars that can keep up with a Taycan Sports Saloon, whatever drivetrain they might use. Even the base rear driven Taycan offers 408PS (with the standard 79.2kWh 'Performance Battery') or 476PS (with the optional 93.4kWh 'Performance Battery Plus'). The AWD Taycan 4S offers 435PS (or 530PS on Overboost), puts out 640Nm of torque and deals with the 62mph sprint in 4 seconds flat. The three top variants all get that larger battery. There's the Taycan GTS (598PS), but quite a few customers will choose one of the two top variants, the Turbo and the Turbo S. Both put out 625PS in standard form, extendable with an Overboost function to 680PS on the Turbo and 761PS on the Turbo S. The Turbo S generates a stupendous 1,050Nm of pulling power and if on this top derivative you activate Launch Control (standard across the range), you'll discover that 62mph can be reached in just 2.8s. Across the range, to ensure that the car really feels quick, Porsche has engineered in a bit of motor whirr that you'll hear under heavy throttle and we'd pay extra for the optional Electric Sport Sound system that further amplifies it. But the most difficult task the engineers had here was in disguising what as usual on an EV is a prodigious kerb weight - in this case around 2.3-tonnes. Plenty's been thrown at that problem here, starting with torque-vectoring four-wheel drive. On the two volume models, you're going to need to pay extra for a lot of the extra tools that together should make this car feel somehow more agile than a Panamera - things like Dynamic Chassis Control, electromechanical roll stabilisation and rear-wheel steering, all co-ordinated by a clever Porsche 4D Chassis Control set-up.

Design and Build

We're looking at the Sports Saloon Taycan model but you can also have the same engineering with Sport Turismo and Cross Turismo SUV-style body shapes. The Taycan Sports Saloon is our focus here and its styling confirms that it is indeed possible to create an EV model shape that looks both contemporary and distinctive. Visually, there's plenty of Porsche DNA here - specifically the four-point LED headlights, the lateral air intakes and the pronounced wings that flank the very flat bonnet made possible by the compactness of the electric drive unit. The silhouette is characterised by a dynamic, flat 'flyline', plus there are automatically extending door handles and two roof options - one contoured from light aluminium, the other fashioned from panoramic glass. The rear design features a seamless glass light strip. Behind the wheel, there's a dashboard apparently influenced by the original 911 design from 1963 in the respect that there are very few buttons and the instrument cluster is wider than the steering wheel. The gauges are displayed on a cowl-free 16.8-inch curved digital screen. The higher central infotainment screen is 10.9-inches, plus there's also a lower 8.4-inch display for the climate controls which also includes a notepad for entering info into the sat nav. And if that's not enough screens for you, it's possible to specify yet another one ahead of the front seat passenger so that your companion can enter in, say, navigation or music preferences for you. And rear seat space? Well in size, the Taycan sits between a 911 and a Panamera and rear compartment room reflects that: two adults will be quite comfortable and they'll get a further screen (5.9-inches) if you've specified 4-zone climate control. Special recesses in the under-floor battery allow for so-called 'foot garages' which improve legroom while keeping the seating position low. In terms of boot space, there's nothing like as much as you'd get in, say, a Tesla Model S: there's a 366-litre boot (about the same as you'd get in a VW Golf), plus a further 'frunk' nose compartment offering a further 81-litres.

Market and Model

There are three Taycan body shapes - this Sports Saloon joined by two crossover variants, the Sport Turismo and the Cross Turismo. It's the Sports Saloon that's our focus here. There are five Taycan Sports Saloon model choices, your options kicking off with the rear-driven Taycan, which is priced at around £73,000. The other three models all feature AWD, starting with the Taycan 4S which costs around £84,000. The Taycan and Taycan 4S both come as standard with Porsche's smaller 79.2kWh battery pack: you'll have to pay around £4,500 extra for the larger 93.4kWh 'Performance Battery Plus' pack you'd ideally want in this car. That's standard in the midrange Taycan GTS (598PS and around £104,000) and in the two top versions in the range. Rather strangely given that this is an electric car without an engine, Porsche has retained its 'Turbo' badging for these, the 'Turbo' version (which costs around £117,000) and the Turbo S (which costs around £139,000). As you'd expect, it's possible to spend a further fortune on the options list - which you'll need to do if you want all of the handling systems we touched on earlier. As you'd expect, there's also a whole portfolio of available camera and radar-driven safety and autonomous driving tech. Most Taycan owners will want Adaptive Cruise Control, which works particularly well as part of the Porsche InnoDrive system. This can look ahead for up to two miles as you drive using radar and sensor feedback plus predictive GPS data before then modifying speed and gearshift strategy to better suit the speed limits, topographic road features and traffic flow you're likely to encounter. 'Active Lane Keeping', 'Traffic jam Assist', 'Lane Change Assist' and 'Night Vision Assist' features are also available.

Cost of Ownership

The key difference with this EV over anything else we've seen is its 800-volt power supply, which is double that normally seen with electric cars and is based on tech trialled by Porsche in its Le Mans-winning 919 Hybrid race car. The idea here is that by pushing up voltage, you can drop the current without affecting power output. Lower current means faster charging times. Using a three-phase 11kWh wallbox, replenishment will take around 9 hours; a more common 7.2kW garage wallbox not requiring a three-phase supply would take slightly longer. Porsche is keen to talk of the Taycan's peak charging capacity of 270kW, which theoretically means that the 93kWh battery can be recharged from 5% to 80% in just 22.5 minutes: that's at an 800-volt charging station. Currently, there are two of those in the UK... A more easily located 400-volt public charging station will take about an hour and a half to do the same thing - providing you pay Porsche extra for the optional on-board booster which increases the car's standard charging peak from 50kW to 150kW. As for WLTP driving range, well on the rear-driven Taycan that's 268 miles (with the 79.2kWH 'Performance Battery Plus') or 301 miles (with the 93.4kWh 'Performance Battery'). On the Taycan 4S variant with that standard 79.2kWh battery pack, you're looking at just 188 miles. The 'Performance Battery Plus' package (standard on the two Turbo variants) will take you 216 miles in the Turbo version and 205 miles in the Taycan Turbo S. Recharging (speeded by this car's clever 800-volt power supply set-up) takes around 9 hours using an 11 kWh garage wallbox and three-phase supply. Or at a 400-volt public charging station, it'd take about an hour and a half to charge from 5 to 80%.


If, like us, you'd begun to imagine that the golden age of the motor car was well behind us, there's cause for hope here. And even for an argument that a really well engineered EV can restore to enthusiasts some of the driving involvement and excitement that's been lost in recent decades as powerful petrol engines have become sanitised by turbochargers, particulate filters and camera-driven technology. Ultimately, those petrol engines have to go but what replaces them doesn't necessarily have to be an automotive domestic appliance. The Taycan proves that. This car is priced to be vanishingly rare but its technology will in future surely be shared with more accessible EVs in Porsche's Volkswagen Group parent company. And from there, other competing volume brands will have to copy it. So the Taycan might really be a turning point in EV development. The place from which automotive engineers regained emotive control in motor car development. There's a place in the market for electric cars produced merely to go you from one location to another. But a desire for more than that will also exist amongst those who come in search of something extra. And if you'd despaired of an EV, any EV, ever properly providing that, then you need to try this car.

  • Front and rear electric windows
  • Heated rear window with automatic switch off
  • Windscreen wiper system including rain sensor and washer jets

  • 4 piston aluminium monobloc fixed brake calipers at rear
  • Auto hold function
  • Multi collision brake assist
  • Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
  • PTM (Porsche Traction Management)
  • Electric parking brake
  • 6 piston aluminium monobloc fixed caliper brakes at front
  • Brake discs internally vented with 360mm diameter at front and 358mm diameter at rear

  • Aluminium multi link rear axle
  • Adaptive damping system
  • Adaptive air suspension including Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM)
  • Aluminium double wishbone front axle
  • Porsche Stability Management (PSM), vehicle stability system with ABS and extended brake functions

  • Porsche connect with apple carplay
  • Porsche Communication Management (PCM) including online navigation module, mobile phone preparation, audio interfaces and voice control system

  • Lane keeping assist including traffic sign recognition

  • Centre console with direct touch control includes climate settings, opening and closing charge port doors, battery level indicator, handwriting panel
  • Porsche recuperation management
  • Tailgate button
  • Automaic tailgate

  • 16.8 inch curved touchscreen display
  • Driver personalisation for ergonomic, comfort, infotainment and lighting functions as well as assistance and display systems
  • Range mode for activation efficiency orientated settings
  • Brake pad wear indicator

  • Electrically adjustable and heated exterior mirrors with aspherical on driver's side

  • 50 kW DC on board charger for public charging stations with 400V
  • DC charging at public charging with 800V
  • Charge port on driver and front passenger sides
  • Sport mode for activation dynamic performance settings including launch control
  • Supply cable for domestic electrical socket
  • Performance battery plus

  • Digital radio
  • 2 USB-C connectivity and charge ports in the centre console storage compartment
  • 2 USB-C charge ports in rear

  • Fully galvanised steel/aluminium hybrid lightweight bodyshell
  • Air curtain upper valance with vertical air intakes
  • Full surface aerodynamic underbody panelling
  • Porsche active aerodynamics (PAA) with active air intake flaps and adaptive rear spoiler
  • Silver model designation on tailgate
  • Auto deploying door handles
  • Bumper system with high strength cross members and two deformation elements + Two threaded fixture point for towing eye contained in onboard tool kit
  • Aluminium roof contoured design with dynamic recess profile
  • Aluminium bonnet with tailgate door, side sections and front wings
  • Integrated side impact protection in doors
  • Lower valance in black
  • Rear diffuser in louvered design in black

  • Porsche logo in glass look integrated into rear light strip
  • Light strip
  • 4-point LED daytime running lights
  • Automatic headlight activation including welcome home lighting
  • Third brake light

  • Heat pump
  • Parking pre-climatisation including pre-conditioning of battery
  • Active carbon fine dust filter keeps pollen and odours

  • Two integrated cup holders in front and rear
  • Storage compartments in glove comaprtment, front centre console, outer rear seats, front and rear doors, sides of rear luggage compartment recess
  • Taycan badge on center console
  • Porsche intelligent range manager
  • Manual height adjust for driver and front passenger seat belt
  • Driver and front passenger sunvisors
  • Front and rear luggage compartments
  • 12V electrical socket in centre console storage compartment
  • 12V electrical socket in rear luggage compartment
  • Clothes hooks on B-pillars on driver's and front passenger's sides
  • Front centre console armrest with integrated storage compartment

  • LED interior light with switchoff delay, front and rear reading spot light, footwell illumination, luggage compartment lights, glove compartment light

  • 3x3 point rear seatbelts
  • Tyre pressure monitoring system
  • Front side airbags
  • Active bonnet
  • Rollover detection for activation of curtain airbags and seat belt pretensioners
  • Full size driver and front passenger airbags
  • 3 point automatic seatbelts with front and outer rear seats pretensioners and front force limiter
  • Driver and front passenger knee airbag
  • Curtain airbags along entire roof frame and side windows from A pillar to the C pillar
  • Seatbelt warning system for driver/front passenger and rear seat system

  • ISOFIX child seats mounting system on outer rear seats
  • Integrated front headrests
  • 60:40 rear seats with 2 seats in single seat look with fold out center armrest and split folding backrests
  • Rear head restraints
  • 4+1 Seats

  • Keyless drive
  • Porsche vehicle tracking system (PVTS Plus)
  • Engine immobiliser with remote central locking and alarm system with radar based interior surveillance

  • Electric drive transmission

  • Driver and front passenger illuminated vanity mirrors

  • Battery Charge Slow Time (Minutes): 1770
  • Battery Charge Slow kW: 3.6
  • Battery Charge Slow Percentage: 0-100
  • Battery Charge Fast Time (Minutes): 540
  • Battery Charge Fast kW: 11
  • Battery Charge Fast Percentage: 0-100
  • Battery Charge Rapid Time (Minutes): 93
  • Battery Charge Rapid kW: 50
  • Battery Charge Rapid Percentage: 5-80
  • Battery Charge Super Charge Time (Minutes): 23
  • Battery Charge Super Charge kW: 270
  • Battery Charge Super Charge Percentage: 5-80
  • Coupler/Connector Type: Type 2
  • Standard manufacturers Battery warranty - Years: 8
  • Standard manufacturers Battery warranty - Mileage: 100000
  • Battery Capacity in kWh: 93.4
  • Battery Leased: False
  • Battery Type: Lithium-ion

  • Noise Level dB(A): N
  • CO: N
  • HC: N
  • NOx: N
  • HC+NOx: N
  • Particles: N
  • CO2 (g/km): 0
  • Standard Euro Emissions: EURO 6

  • Cylinders: N
  • Cylinder Layout: N
  • Number of Valves: N
  • Camshaft: N
  • Fuel Delivery: N
  • Catalytic Convertor: N
  • Engine Layout: N
  • Compression Ratio: N
  • Transmission: AUTO
  • Gears: 2 SPEED
  • Cylinders - Bore (mm): N
  • Cylinders - Stroke (mm): N
  • CC: 1
  • Engine Code: N

  • EC Directive 1999/100/EC Applies: N
  • EC Urban (mpg): N
  • EC Extra Urban (mpg): N
  • EC Combined (mpg): N

  • Coin Series: 4S [5 Seat]
  • Coin Description: N
  • Standard manufacturers warranty - Years: 3
  • Service Interval Mileage: 20000
  • Service Interval Frequency - Months: 24
  • Timing Belt Interval Mileage: N
  • Timing Belt Interval Frequency - Months: N
  • NCAP Adult Occupant Protection %: 85
  • NCAP Child Occupant Protection %: 83
  • NCAP Pedestrian Protection %: 70
  • NCAP Safety Assist %: 73
  • NCAP Overall Rating - Effective February 09: 5
  • Badge Power: 571
  • Badge Engine CC: 0
  • Vehicle Homologation Class: M1
  • Special Edition: False
  • Special Order: False
  • Based On ID: N
  • Insurance Group 1 - 50 Effective January 07: 50E
  • Did at least one aspect of this vehicle's safety give cause for concern?: False
  • Alternative Fuel Qualifying: True

  • Engine Torque - MKG: 66.3
  • Engine Power - BHP: 571
  • Engine Power - PS: True
  • 0 to 60 mph (secs): False
  • 0 to 62 mph (secs): 4
  • Top Speed: 155
  • Engine Power - KW: 420
  • Engine Torque - LBS.FT: 479
  • Engine Torque - NM: 650

  • Emissions Test Cycle: WLTP

  • Tyre Size Front: 225/55 R19
  • Alloys?: True
  • Tyre Size Rear: 275/45 R19
  • Wheel Type: 19" ALLOY
  • Wheel Style: AERO

  • Wheelbase: 2900
  • Width (including mirrors): 2144
  • Height: N
  • Height (including roof rails): 1379
  • Length: 4963
  • Width: 1966

  • No. of Seats: 5
  • Fuel Tank Capacity (Litres): N
  • Max. Roof Load: 75
  • Turning Circle - Kerb to Kerb: 11.7

  • Privacy glass: £354
  • Windscreen with grey top tint: £80
  • Thermally and noise insulated glass with privacy glass: £1,301
  • Thermally and noise insulated glass: £947
  • Thermally insulated glass all round: Included

  • Porsche ceramic composite brake (PCCB) with brake calipers painted in high gloss black: £6,902
  • Porsche ceramic composite brake (PCCB) with brake calipers in yellow finish: £6,321
  • Porsche surface coated brake (PSCB) with brake calipers painted in white: £2,105
  • High gloss black brake calipers: £581
  • Red brake calipers: Included
  • Porsche surface coated brake (PSCB) with brake calipers painted in black: £2,685

  • Deep pile floor mats with Race-Tex edging: £518
  • Reversible luggage compartment Mat with Race-Tex edging: £164
  • Floor mats with Race-Tex edging: £408
  • Leather edging floor mats: £408
  • Leather edging floor mats in deep pile: £518
  • Leather edge personalised floor mats: £531
  • Floor mats: Included

  • 4D Integrated chassis control: Included
  • Porsche dynamic chassis control sport: £2,315

  • Cruise control including adaptive speed limiter: Included
  • Park assist including reversing camera: £480
  • Porsche innodrive including Adaptive cruise control: £2,172
  • Park assist including surround view: £1,002
  • Power steering plus: £203
  • Front and rear park assist with visual and audible warning: Included
  • Adaptive cruise control: £1,238
  • Night view assist: £1,566
  • Lane change assistant: £548
  • Power Steering: Included
  • 3D surround view with active parking support: £1,221

  • Homelink (programmable garage door opener): £203

  • Head up Display: £1,128

  • Electrically folding exterior mirrors: £210
  • Automatically dimming interior and exterior mirrors: £294
  • Exterior mirror lower trims painted and mirror base painted in high gloss black: £380
  • Exterior mirror upper trims in carbon: £1,052
  • Exterior mirror lower trims including mirror base in black: Included

  • Model logo on center console storage compartment lid: £219
  • Porsche crest on front centre console armrest: £219
  • Sport chrono stopwatch/Bordeaux red compass instrument dial: £245
  • Sport chrono stopwatch/White compass instrument dial: £245

  • Panoramic roof with fixed glass panel: £1,137
  • 150 kW On board booster: £294
  • Powered charging port cover: £443
  • Wall box porsche charging dock: £294
  • Supply cable for industrial electrical outlet (230V, 32A): Included
  • 7.5m Cable between charger and vehicle: £0
  • Public charging cable (Type 2): £210
  • Supply cable for blue industrial electrical outlet (230V, 16A, 3 pin): £0
  • Supply cable for red industrial electrical outlet (400V, 16A, 5 pin): £0
  • Supply cable for red industrial electrical outlet (400V, 32A, 5 pin): £0

  • BOSE surround sound system with 14 loudspeakers including subwoofer and total output 710 watts: £956
  • Porsche electric sport sound: £354
  • Burmester high end 3D surround sound system: £4,200

  • Side skirts in sport design: £665
  • High gloss silver side window trims: Included
  • Model designation on doors in aurum: £147
  • Model designation on doors in black: £147
  • Model designation on doors in red: £147
  • Model designation on doors in silver colour: £147
  • High gloss black side window trims: £245
  • Model designation deletion: £0
  • Special Metallic paint: £1,683
  • Solid paint: Included
  • Metallic paint: £774
  • Preparation for illuminated door sill guards: £0
  • Sport design front apron: £2,180
  • Exterior mirrors painted in exterior colour: £380
  • Model designation painted in high gloss black: £168
  • Illuminated door sill guards in black brushed aluminium: £506
  • Model designation painted in exterior colour: £162
  • Sideskirts in black: Included
  • Door sill guards in black brushed aluminium: £0
  • Personalised illuminated door sill guards in black brushed aluminium: £1,578
  • Illuminated door sill guards in matt carbon: £716
  • Steering number model designation deletion: £0
  • Electric side logo: £0
  • Door sill guards in brushed aluminium including stainless steel loading edge protection: Included

  • LED headlights including Porsche dynamic light system plus (PDLS plus): Included
  • PORSCHE logo LED door courtesy lights: £203
  • LED matrix main headlights in glacier ice blue including porsche dynamic light system plus (PDLS plus): £1,553
  • Matrix LED headlights including porsche dynamic light system plus (PDLS plus): £1,221

  • Air Ioniser: £203
  • 2 zone climate control with separate temperature settings for driver/front passenger, automatic air recirculation mode including air quality sensor: Included
  • 4 zone advanced climate control: £581

  • Race tex roof lining: £1,338
  • Multifunction sports steering wheel in leather: Included
  • Olea club leather upholstery: £4,100
  • Two tone Olea club leather upholstery: £4,436
  • Vehicle key in leather with leather key pouch: £333
  • Vehicle key painted in exterior colour with leather key pouch: £261
  • Steering wheel trim in matt carbon and race-tex including steering wheel heating in conjuction with sport chrono package and leather interior: £746
  • Steering wheel rim in race-tex including steering wheel heating in conjuction with sport chrono package and leather interior: £308
  • Steering wheel heating in conjuction with sport chrono package and leather free interior: £189
  • Mobile charger connect: £0
  • Heated steering wheel in conjuction with leather interior: £189
  • Heated race-tex steering wheel with matt carbon trim in conjuction with sport chrono package and leather free interior: £627
  • Vehicle documentation folder in leather: £270
  • Personalised illuminated door sill guards in carbon: £1,979
  • Heated multifunction GT sports steering wheel leather with matt carbon panel: £627
  • Passenger display: £725
  • Personalised reversible loadspace mat with leather edging: £210
  • Partial leather upholstery: Included
  • Rear axle steering including power steering plus: £1,650
  • Smooth finish leather upholstery: £2,538
  • Leather upholstery: £2,538
  • Ski bag: £161
  • Two tone leather upholstery: £2,874
  • Fabric roof lining: Included
  • Heated GT sports leather steering wheel: £189
  • Porsche crest on front headrest: £161
  • PORSCHE logo on center console storage compartment lid: £219
  • Steering code in Aeroblades carbon: £0
  • Steering code wheel centres painted in jet black metallic: £0
  • Steering code wheel centres painted in satin aurum: £0
  • Steering code wheel centres painted in exterior colour with outer border in aluminium look: £0
  • Home energy manager: £387
  • Decorative stitching and leather seat centres in contrasting colour: £3,282
  • Reversible luggage compartment mat with leather edging and loading edge protection: £164
  • Two tone leather free upholstery: £2,874
  • Leather free upholstery: £2,538
  • Smooth finish two-tone leather upholstery: £2,874

  • Ambient lighting: £299

  • Storage package - Taycan: £168
  • SportDesign package painted in high gloss black - Taycan: £3,527
  • SportDesign package - Taycan: £3,282
  • Sport chrono package - Taycan: £788
  • Smoker package - Taycan: £38
  • Dark paldao interior package - Taycan: £1,154
  • Matt carbon interior package - Taycan: £1,422
  • Accent package painted in exterior colour in combination with club leather interior olea - Taycan: £210
  • Accent package painted in exterior colour - Taycan: £594
  • Neodymium accent package in combination with club leather interior olea - Taycan: £0
  • Neodymium accent package - Taycan: £383
  • Dark silver accent package in combination with club leather interior olea - Taycan: £0
  • Dark silver accent package - Taycan: £383
  • Black accent package - Taycan: Included
  • Aluminium rhombus interior pack - Taycan: £842
  • 18 way electric front adaptive sports seats with memory package - Taycan: £1,440
  • Driver memory pack - Taycan: £257
  • Sound plus package - Taycan: Included

  • Porsche metallic - Frozen berry: £774
  • Porsche metallic - Coffee beige: £774
  • Porsche metallic - Cherry: £774
  • Porsche metallic - Frozen blue: £774
  • Porsche metallic - Jet Black: £774
  • Metallic - Mahogany: £774
  • Porsche metallic - Gentian blue: £774
  • Porsche metallic - Volcano Grey: £774
  • Porsche metallic - Dolomite silver: £774
  • Porsche metallic - Mamba green: £774
  • Porsche metallic - Carrara white: £774

  • Porsche solid - Black: £0
  • Porsche solid - White: £0

  • Porsche special metallic - Carmine red: £1,683
  • Porsche special metallic - Crayon: £1,683
  • Porsche special metallic - Neptune blue: £1,683
  • Porsche special metallic - Ice grey: £1,683

  • Atacama seat belts: £345
  • Meranti brown seat belts: £345
  • Blackberry seat belts: £345
  • Side airbags in rear compartment: £291
  • Fire extinguisher: £105
  • Seatbelts in Chalk beige: £345
  • Bordeaux Red seat belts: £345
  • Crayon seat belts: £345
  • Slate Grey seat belts: £345
  • Graphite Blue seat belts: £345
  • Truffle Brown seat belts: £345

  • Massage function for front seats including seat ventilation: £1,422
  • Decorative stitching in contrasting colour: £2,441
  • Front and rear seat heating: £308
  • Front seat ventilation: £716
  • 14 way electric comfort front seats with memory pack: £1,170
  • Leather seat centre in contrasting colour: £1,010
  • 18 way electric front adaptive sports seats with integrated headrests and memory pack: £1,440
  • Front seat heating: Included
  • Porsche crest embossed in front and rear headrests: £320
  • 8 way electric comfort front seats: Included

  • Comfort access system: £774

  • Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus (PTV Plus): £1,052

  • Leather - BlackBerry: £2,538
  • Olea club leather - Truffle brown: £4,100
  • Smooth finish two-tone leather - Black/Chalk beige: £2,874
  • Smooth finish two-tone leather - Black/Bordeaux red: £2,874
  • Smooth finish leather - Black: £2,538
  • Two tone Olea club leather upholstery - Basalt black/Atacama beige: £4,436
  • Olea club leather - Basalt black: £4,100
  • Two tone leather interior - Blackberry/Slate grey: £2,874
  • Two tone Olea club leather upholstery - Basalt black/Meranti brown: £4,436
  • Smooth finish leather - Slate grey: £2,538
  • Smooth finish two-tone leather - Black/Crayon: £2,874
  • Leather free - Black: £2,538
  • Leather free - Slate grey: £2,538
  • Leather free - Graphite blue: £2,538
  • Two tone leather free interior - Black/slate grey: £2,874
  • Two tone leather free interior - Graphite blue/slate grey: £2,874

  • Partial leather - Black/Chalk Beige: £0
  • Partial leather - Slate grey: £0
  • Partial leather - Black: £0

  • Wheel centres with full colour Porsche crest: £114
  • Wheels painted in exterior colour: £842
  • Wheels painted in satin platinum: £842
  • Wheels painted in jet black metallic: £842
  • Wheels painted in high gloss black: £842
  • Wheels painted in satin aurum: £842
  • Wheel centres with monochrome Porsche crest: Included

  • 20" Sport aero alloy wheels: £1,776
  • 20" Taycan turbo aero alloy wheels: £1,524
  • 21" mission E design alloy wheels: £2,997
  • 21" Taycan exclusive design alloy wheels: £3,110
  • 21" Taycan exclusive design alloy wheels with aeroblades in carbon: £5,636
  • 19" Taycan aero alloy wheels: £387
  • 19" Taycan S aero alloy wheels: Included

  • Tyre sealing compound and electric air compressor kit: £42

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