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Perhaps our biggest range of vehicles from one manufacturer, it should come as little surprise that here at Tilsun Leasing we boast such an extensive collection of Audi lease deals, including everything from the ever-popular A1 Sportback to the E-Tron, which is proving a great success among British motorists in 2022. Choose from executive saloons to grand tourers and hybrid powertrains, when you opt for an Audi leasing deal, regardless of model, you'll certainly not be dissapointed. This is the defintion of affordable luxury and even more so thanks to the host of offers we're able to provide at Tilsun Leasing. Having picked up eight awards at the What Car? Car of the Year Awards 2021, it's not unfair to suggest Audi really is a market leading manufacturer.

Top AUDI Deals


40 TDI Quattro S Line 4dr S Tronic

Diesel | Automatic

8K miles/annum £4,768.06 Initial Rental

£529.78 inc VAT /month
48 months

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50 TDI Quattro Black Edition 4dr Tiptronic [Tech]

Diesel | Automatic

8K miles/annum £8,617.26 Initial Rental

£957.47 inc VAT /month
48 months

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40 TDI Quattro S Line 5dr S Tronic

Diesel | Automatic

5K miles/annum £4,979.69 Initial Rental

£553.30 inc VAT /month
48 months

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210kW 45 82kWh Black Edition 5dr Auto

Electric | Automatic

8K miles/annum £5,908.63 Initial Rental

£656.51 inc VAT /month
48 months

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30 TFSI 110 Black Edition 5dr [Tech Pack Pro]

Petrol | Manual

5K miles/annum £2,896.65 Initial Rental

£321.85 inc VAT /month
36 months

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35 TFSI Black Edition 4dr S Tronic

Petrol | Automatic

5K miles/annum £3,469.16 Initial Rental

£385.46 inc VAT /month
36 months

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35 TFSI S Line 5dr [Tech Pro]

Petrol | Manual

5K miles/annum £3,708.21 Initial Rental

£412.02 inc VAT /month
48 months

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35 TDI Black Edition 5dr S Tronic [Tech Pack]

Diesel | Automatic

5K miles/annum £4,894.61 Initial Rental

£543.85 inc VAT /month
48 months

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50 TDI Quattro Black Ed 5dr Tiptronic [Tech Pro]

Diesel | Automatic

8K miles/annum £8,634.99 Initial Rental

£959.44 inc VAT /month
48 months

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40 TDI Quattro Black Edition 5dr S Tronic

Diesel | Automatic

5K miles/annum £6,709.55 Initial Rental

£745.51 inc VAT /month
48 months

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390kW Quattro 93kWh 4dr Auto [Tech Pack]

Electric | Automatic

8K miles/annum £10,466.45 Initial Rental

£1,162.94 inc VAT /month
48 months

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35 TFSI Sport 5dr S Tronic

Petrol | Automatic

8K miles/annum £4,386.81 Initial Rental

£487.42 inc VAT /month
48 months

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Audi is a very emotive and desirable luxury motor car brand; four different German car manufacturers originally merged in 1932, hence the four rings on the familiar badge.

Moving on to the modern era, this started with the acquisition by the Volkswagen Group and the development in the 1980s of the legendary Audi Quattro 4-wheel drive turbocharged coupe; this Quattro drive system is offered as an option right across the Audi range. Audi has been synonymous with automotive technology; progress through technology or Vorsprung Durch Technik is the company’s well-known catchphrase.

Today’s range of Audi is extensive, manufactured worldwide; they have the fully electric e-Tron range, the TFSIe petrol plug-in hybrid range and conventional petrol and diesel engines, although they are committed to launching only fully electric cars by 2026 and by 2030, all new car sales in the UK will be electric.


Quattro explained.

Quattro is Audi’s four-wheel drive system. The development of a 4WD system was initially for military vehicles during the second world war, including an all-wheel drive Beetle [2] (Kommanddeurswagen) for high-ranking officers.

As regards the application of the Quattro system to the modern range of cars, the engine and transmission are situated along the long axis of the vehicle from front to back. Torque, or “force,” is sent through the transmission to a central mechanical differential or “diff,” which distributes the force between the front and rear axles, so four-wheel drive is permanently active.

The type of differential used by Audi is the Torsen limited-slip differential; this enables a 50-50 distribution of the force when “slip” occurs; the diff transfers the power to the axle that has more grip on the road surface. This is beneficial while accelerating and cornering, and it is also useful when applying engine braking to slow the car down.

Further developments of this system over the years have seen 40-60 distribution of the force, and additional electrotonic systems, including ABS (anti-lock braking) and ESP (electric stability control)

The legendary Audi R8 Spyder was developed with the ability to send up 70% power to the rear wheels with a 30-70 distribution.


Audi S and RS Range

Audi S and RS models are a range of high-performance versions of certain cars in the Audi range and are sold at specialist dealers. These cars are focused on enhanced sports performance. Production of Audi S cars began in 1990 with the S2 coupe, whilst the first RS car appeared four years later, in the form of the Audi RS2 Avant.[1]

The road versions of the Audi racing cars began with the Audi Quattro and the Audi Sports Quattro. All S models are equipped with the iconic Quattro 4 x 4 drive system as standard. The RS versions taken from the German Renn Sport, as “racing sport,” have the same Quattro drive system; however, they have a higher performance and price level.

Environmentalists, look away! The top speeds of the RS range would be breaking the speed limit of the UK; however, if performance is your thing, you can enjoy the 0-62mph performance of these cars.

RS3 Sportback 4.1 seconds  RS3 Saloon 4.1 seconds  RS4 Avant 4.9 seconds
RS5 Coupe 3.9 seconds RS5 Sportback 3.9 seconds RS6 Avant 3.9 seconds
RS7   3.9 seconds  TT RS Coupe 3.7 seconds TT RS Convertible 3.9 seconds
RSQ3 4.8 seconds RSQ3 Sportback 4.5 seconds RSQ8 3.8 seconds


Electric and Hybrid

Audi has an exciting range of fully electric and plug-in hybrid models available; they have an ambition that by 2025 they will have 30 new electrified models, and all Audi plants are set to be carbon neutral by 2050*

The current range of the E-Tron collection of cars has an impressive mileage range, from a single charge, 195-320* miles.

The Q4 SUV or Sportback can rapidly charge, 5-80%, in 38 minutes. On the inside, Audi’s Virtual Cockpit gives drivers one-touch usable technology, the quality sporty interior gives five total seats, and the boot space gives you 535 litres* of usable storage space.

The e-Tron GT Quattro and the RS-e-Tron GT are jaw-dropping top-end electric sports cars developed in the same German factory as the legendary Audi R8. The RS version has the classic style of a traditional Gran Turismo, accelerating to 0-62mph in 3.3 seconds, a range of 280* miles and zero emissions.

The Plug-in Hybrid TFSi e engines are available as an optional model on every Audi variant. From the A3 premium Sportback across the A range, Saloon and Avant (estate) to the SUV range right up to the Q8. The plug-in Hybrid will give you between 32-41 miles on a full charge*, depending on the model, and of course, you still have the use of the efficient TFSi petrol engine.


Q Series

Q is the designation for Audi’s SUV range and includes S and RS performance designations.

Audi Q2 is a 5dr compact urban SUV with dynamic lines. It manages in true Audi style like a sports hatchback rather than an SUV, available in a wide range of trim levels, including an SQ2.

Audi Q3 is available as an Estate or Sportback, and the range also includes a plug-in hybrid option and an RS version. As a practical SUV, the Q3 gives you plenty of space, practical features, and comfort, whilst the Sportback version gives you style and sporty lines.

Audi Q5 Quattro full-size SUV with a new athletic design and now the choice of a Sportback gives this ultimate all-rounder a new sporty coupe style. A Plug-in Hybrid and the popular diesel and petrol versions provide you with plenty of choice of power to suit your lifestyle. The range also includes SQ versions.

Audi Q7 is available as a powerful 231bhp or 286bhp 3-litre petrol* or diesel or a petrol plug-in hybrid. The Audi Q7 has a high-specification infotainment system and a compelling driving experience thanks to the powerfully designed Quattro 4-wheel drive intelligent suspension solutions with plenty of space for up to seven people. If you need more performance, there is an SQ7 option in the range.

The top-of-the-range Audi Q8 gives you the benefit of an elegant 4-door luxury coupe with the versatility of an SUV. The sporty, luxurious interior offers space and comfort, and the latest high-tech systems are on board. Plug-in hybrid efficiency and S8 and RS versions add performance options in the range.

Although the costs to own an Audi can appear expensive to buy, Audi offers an excellent value option when choosing to lease a deal. Audi limits the production of vehicles that come into the UK, creating a high residual value, which is perfect when considering leasing.

*Audi Website

[1] Audi S and RS models. (2022, September 11). In Wikipedia.

[2] Volkswagen Kommandeurswagen. (2022, September 13). In Wikipedia.

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