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The Benefits of Leasing a Car

Despite its growing popularity with motorists across the UK, some drivers are still apprehensive about leasing a car instead of buying one. For many, the fact that you don’t own a leased car can be off-putting. 

But depending on your financial and personal circumstances, car leasing could be an excellent option. If you’re on the fence about leasing a car, we’re here to help. We’ve put together the five key benefits of leasing a vehicle so that you can see if it’s the right choice for you. 

Car Leasing Benefits #1 — Low Monthly Payments

One of the main benefits of leasing a car is that it generally results in lower monthly payments than financing a vehicle purchase. This is because when you lease a car, you only pay for the depreciation of the vehicle’s value during the lease term. 

The difference is significant if you compare this with a vehicle purchase through financing. This is because, with a finance purchase, you are paying the entire cost of the car over the length of your agreement plus interest. 

Car Leasing Benefits #2 — You Get to Drive a New Car Every Few Years

One of the best things about leasing a car is that you can drive a brand new vehicle every few years. Who doesn’t enjoy that fresh car smell and the feeling of driving a brand new car? 

Most of the time, car leases last between two and four years. As this is a relatively short period, you get the chance to enjoy a new car with the latest technology and safety features regularly. All you have to do is return your vehicle to your leasing company and choose a new model. 

Car Leasing Benefits #3 — Wider Choice of Cars

Speaking of choosing a new model, a significant benefit of car leasing is that it gives you a more extensive choice of vehicles. The lower monthly leasing costs mean more cars are available on a smaller budget. 

If you’ve always dreamed of driving a specific car, leasing makes your dream a reality. At Tilsun Leasing, we have a vast range of vehicles from manufacturers including Aston Martin, Jaguar, BMW, Mercedes and Porsche

But a wider choice of cars isn’t just a benefit for anyone looking to get behind the wheel of their dream car; it gives everyone a chance to choose a vehicle that fits all of their needs. 

Car Leasing Benefits #4 — Lower Maintenance Costs

One of the biggest concerns of most drivers when getting a new car is the potential maintenance costs. With car leasing, maintenance costs are significantly lower than other options. 

At Tilsun Leasing, all our lease vehicles come with a manufacturer’s warranty that covers you if anything goes wrong with your car that’s not your fault for up to seven years. Alongside that, we offer a maintenance package with our leases for a small monthly fee. The package covers servicing and repairs if anything goes wrong. 

Car Leasing Benefits #5 — No Need to Worry about Selling the Car

With a closed-end lease, you simply return the car at the end of the lease term and start anew. No need to worry about reselling the car or its value depreciation – that's all on the leasing company. 

Of course, you may still be liable for additional amounts at the end of the lease, including excess wear and tear or mileage. But overall, closed-end leases offer a hassle-free way to upgrade your car every few years without worrying about selling.

Make the most of the benefits of car leasing with Tilsun Leasing’s massive selection of car leasing deals. If you have questions about car leasing, contact the Tilsun Leasing team today by calling 03330 040 888 or emailing [email protected].

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